Where To Find Kansas Divorce Forms & Papers

Where To Find Kansas Divorce Forms & Papers

Filing for a divorce in Kansas can be a challenging and convoluted process. The exact documents you will need vary depending on your case. You will always need a Petition, service documents, a Domestic Relations Affidavit, and a Decree. Other documents may be involved, and keep in mind that many counties have their own additional requirements.


The Petition is the basic document that you file where you ask for the divorce. It is usually fairly straightforward. You will list each party’s name and place of residence, recite a few facts establishing the court’s right to adjudicate the proceeding, and ask for relief such as a divorce and orders relating to property division.

Domestic Relations Affidavit

The Domestic Relations Affidavit is by far the most complicated document required as a matter of practice in every divorce. It lists your assets, liabilities, income, debt, and other information. The purpose of the DRA is to provide the court with the information it needs to make a determination on property division.

Some people believe that, if they are able to agree on the terms of the divorce, they will not be required to submit a DRA. This is not true: the DRA is required in every divorce.

Service Documents

A divorce is a lawsuit, and a lawsuit always requires service of process. Although this can be waived if the Respondent opts to do so, you will need to have the correct documents to satisfy the service requirement.

Miscellaneous Documents

Depending on your case, you might also need a Property Settlement Agreement to divide up the marital assets. If you have children, you’ll probably need a Parenting Plan. And if you have retirement accounts, you may need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.


At the conclusion of the case, the court will enter a journal entry dissolving the marriage. It will usually address items such as alimony, child support, and property division. This journal entry is called the Decree.

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