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What Makes Me Unique?

In addition to a law degree, I hold a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). I have used my business background to streamline and simplify the divorce process, allowing me to pass the savings on to you.


Affordable and Convenient

Applying my business background to the practice of law, I have identified and eliminated some inefficiencies, allowing me to charge less for a divorce. Further, using technology, I am able to offer an “online” divorce option, meaning that, in most counties, you will never even see the inside of a courtroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your divorce, scroll down below to see some frequently asked questions, or just give me a call!

Fast, Affordable & Convenient Uncontested Kansas Divorce

Let me help you move forward with your divorce

Getting a divorce should not drag on forever and cost you thousands of dollars. My name is Randall Wharton, and I specialize in fast, convenient, and affordable uncontested Kansas divorces. Contact me for a quote. You will be amazed at how easy and affordable the process can be. Let me help you move on with your life, and let me help you save money while you do it.

The Process

I've streamlined the process to minimize your time and hassle. Depending on your case, you might be able to get a divorce with as little as 30 minutes of your time. In most cases you will not even have to go to court. It doesn’t get any easier.

1. Complete The Questionnaire

This process usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes and gives me all the information I need to prepare the papers.

2. I'll Complete Your Required Paperwork

Once I receive your information I will go ahead and complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

3. Sign The Paperwork And Return To Me

Once you receive the completed paperwork, you'll need to take it to a notary, sign everything and return it back to me.

4. Wait For Your Divorce Decree!

Once you return the signed and notarized paperwork, I will file your divorce. In as little as 5 days, you'll receive your divorce decree.


Pricing depends on many factors, such as whether children are involved, how quickly you need it finished, and so on. I cannot provide a quote without hearing the specifics of your case, but I will say this: my clients repeatedly express amazement at my pricing, and it is my firm belief that you won’t find a better price anywhere.

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Divorces are not easy, but as a Kansas divorce lawyer, I can help you get through this. Call today for a free consultation.

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About Randy

Randy Wharton, low cost kansas divorce attorney

In addition to being a practicing lawyer since 2007, I have an MBA and a strong business background. By applying my business experience to the legal process I have simplified the divorce procedure, allowing me to charge less than you may expect. The experience is convenient, fast, and easy: in many cases I can get you a divorce with as little as 30 minutes of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that I see frequently, so I will address them here. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact me.

I just received my quote for my divorce. Are you a real lawyer? How can a real lawyer have such a low fee?

Yes, I am a real lawyer. Ask me, and I'm happy to give you instructions for verifying my status. I am able to charge such a low fee because the only divorces I do are uncontested divorces. By accepting only uncontested divorce cases I have been able to streamline the process so that I do not need to charge the high fees that many other attorneys do.

Judges make me nervous. Do I have to go to court?

This largely depends on your county, but not usually. One advantage of using me for your uncontested divorce is you probably won’t have to go to court, talk to a judge, or attend any hearings. Just sit back and let me handle it.

I’m hesitant to hire a lawyer from the Internet. Can we meet in person?

Absolutely! If you are willing to drive to Topeka I will be happy to meet with you. However, the vast majority of my clients choose to take advantage of technology and communicate via email and telephone. This saves you time and money, and affords you the convenience of being able to reach me outside of traditional office hours.

It is always good to be sure that someone is who he claims to be, especially if you have not met that person face-to-face. Fortunately, the Kansas court system has made it possible for you to verify the status of anyone claiming to be an attorney. You may rest assured that I am every bit as “real” as any lawyer who may have an office in your city. If you need more reassurance, your quote will contain instructions for verifying my status.

I (or my spouse) live in another state. Can you still help me?

Probably. So long as one of the parties lives in Kansas, I can usually handle the divorce for you.

I have agreed with my spouse about most of the details of our divorce, but there are just a few things we can’t agree on. Can you still help?

I only do uncontested divorces, which means everything is agreed upon by the parties. This is how I can do them for such a low price, by avoiding the costly court battles that can come with divorces where the parties do not agree. I would suggest talking with your spouse and seeing if you can’t come to an agreement, especially considering how much money you will save by doing so. If you cannot reach an agreement, I may still be able to help you on a limited basis, but I will not enter my appearance in your case. Contact me for details.

I hired you to prepare the documents for my divorce but now my spouse won’t sign the papers. What can I do?

You can still obtain a divorce, but I will not be involved in the case, as it is no longer uncontested. I can still assist you in a different capacity, but I will not enter an appearance. Contact me for details.

OK, I got my quote, and I want to hire you to prepare my divorce documents. What is the next step?

I will send you a retainer agreement which spells out exactly what services I will provide you. I will also send you a link to a questionnaire I have developed which gives me all the information I need to prepare your documents. Don’t worry, the questionnaire should only take you about 10 minutes to complete. After that, just sit back and I will handle everything else.

How long will this take?

That depends on you. If you get me all the information I ask for, and if you promptly sign and return the documents I send you, the entire process can—in certain circumstances—be completed as quickly as 2-3 weeks. Most of the time it takes a bit longer, and I did have one situation where it took nearly 9 months because the client took a very long time getting the documents back to me.

But again, the length of time it will take mostly depends on how quickly you get me everything I need.


Let me help you move forward in a fast and affordable way.

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Let me help you move forward in a fast and affordable way.